Everything You Need To Know About Blue Whale Challenge

Everything You Need To Know About Blue Whale Challenge

Many of people have listen about this deadly game Blue Whale. And they are been shock after knowing the full information that which type game is it. Here we are going to provide you complete information about this Deadly game Blue whale.

So you have stop playing this game and also keep attention on your children that they are playing this game or not. If you see the game in their cellphone immediately you should delete it and keep your child away from the cellphone. Because it will banish his/her mind and make lure to play that game again and again.

What Is Blue Whale Challenge?

In this game there are 50 tasks to do and that is given by the administrator of the game. This are the secret task which can end you to the suicide very soon as you completed the tasks.

Reported Cases through Blue Whale Challenges

There are many cases happen through this blue game challenges lets have some more information about the victims who have been completed the last challenge of this game and committed suicide. The cases are from the different cities and all blame on this game.

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